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Mobile Premier League or popularly known as MPL is India¨s biggest Mobile Esports platform where players can compete in various skill-based mobile tournaments and earn cash prizes. Launched in September 2018, the app has grown significantly and has since registered over 60 million users (as of February 2021).

MPL offers over 60+ games that anyone can play for free and win cash prizes in return. MPL caters to a wide range of audiences with titles like the digital version of old-school tabletop games like Chess, Ludo, Carrom; to modern mobile games like 3D Pool, Bubble Shooter, Fruit Dart, Cricket, and more.

MPL also offers Fantasy Sports for users looking to use their sports knowledge and skill to create their own fantasy team and compete with others in the fantasy league to win cash rewards.

Today we are going to talk about one gamer, Sanghmitra, who won Rs 7 Lakhs on MPL in the last 3 years simply by playing her favourite games daily.?

Sanghmitra (38) from Delhi started her journey on MPL in 2018 right after the platform went live. The first game she played on the platform was Fruit Chop, a game where players have to slice fruits as they appear on the screen. She found Fruit Chop interesting and started logging in daily to play and practice Fruit Chop. Soon she could defeat everyone and easily made her way to claim the rank 1 spot on the leaderboard.

When asked about how she managed her job and MPL daily, Sanghmitra simply said

^If you have an interest in something, you want to do other than profession you can do if you have stamina and craze you can do anything. After 8 hours of duty, you are free to do anything. So I am doing this & smoothly running my professional and personal life. ̄

She started her journey by competing in Rs 6 battles and slowly made her way to Rs 500 battles, where she earned Rs 7 Lakhs in cash prizes. Now she plans to contest on bigger levels with higher stacks but even higher rewards. Currently, she plays Fruit Chop, Fruit Cutter, Fruit Dart, Maths quiz & Bubble Shooter, but plans to try out more games on the platform in the future.

MPL has made it very easy for everyone to sign up and start playing. To sign up at MPL simply visit https://www.mpl.live/ and enter your mobile number to receive an SMS with the download link for the app.

The above method only applies to Android users, for those on iOS simply search for the app on the Apple App Store and install the app.

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