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In the ever-changing landscape of the Call of Duty: Warzone meta, it helps to have some backup weapons that aren¨t as popular. If Raven Software decides to nerf a meta weapon, those backup weapons become vital as possible replacements. One prime candidate to replace something like the CR-56 AMAX is the AN-94 assault rifle.

When the AN-94 was introduced in Modern Warfare, it was undeniably popular. After all, it¨s a reskin of the fan-favorite rifle from Black Ops 2. However, upon further inspection, players found the AN-94 to be lacking when compared to other ARs. For this reason, it¨s been overlooked in Warzone season after season.

But, with Raven Software nerfing more and more rifles, it¨s possible that the AN-94 could be thrust into the limelight for the first time in Warzone. If this happens, players need to be armed and ready with the gun¨s recommended loadout.

The AN-94 isn¨t much different from the top rifles in Warzone. It features balanced stats akin to that of the AK-47. However, it possesses a gimmick unlike anything else in the game. The AN-94 boasts the ^Hyperburst ̄ feature, which makes the first two bullets fire as a rapid burst that has no recoil. After this, the bullets are standard. But, if players can land those first two shots, they¨ll be at a huge advantage to start any gunfight.

The recommended loadout for the AN-94 focuses on accuracy to help players land the first two shots.

Muzzle:?Monolithic SuppressorBarrel:?AN-94 Factory X-438mmOptic: VLK 3.0x OpticUnderbarrel: Commando ForegripAmmunition: 60 Round Casket Mag

To start the loadout, two recoil-managing attachments are in place: the Monolithic Suppressor and Commando Foregrip. Landing those first two shots will be much easier with these attachments equipped. The AN-94 Factory barrel follows that, greatly increasing bullet velocity. This makes long-range enemies easier to engage.

The final two aspects of the loadout are the VLK 3.0x Optic and 60 Round Casket Mag. While this AN-94 loadout can¨t currently compete with the top ARs in Warzone, it¨s something to have in reserve.

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