[Sword of the necromancer]LMS users hot discussion RNG Defeat Edg: Edg I only bought VIPER,I didn’t expect SWORD.

  The LPL spring season RNG defeated EDG with the record of 3-2,A large number of hot discussions have triggered.Among them, the front LMS Division netizens also published a lot of their own opinions on this game.Interested netizens can come and see!


  - Jess Tai Carry of the Fifth Bureau RNG.

  - Is it good to choose a holy gun?At least the group is also useful.

  - Holy Gunchao is ready,At least RNG relies very much of holy gun brother.

  - This can win,All rely on the holy gambling carry.

  - I have to be stroke,Can a brillion can’t be retired.

  -2 Han aid really legs.

  -4 play 6 how to win?

  - Upline gap.

  -Rng flandre.

  Holy Gun brother 0-6 still takes a blue dry?

  - This holy gun,Contributes when EDG wins,There is absolutely a sense of exploitation when you lose.


  -EDG This horse is also a waste,Most will not put it.

  -jiejie is also unwinding.

  -EDG’s Uen is rotten.

  -EDG Summer is still changed to the road.

  - On the road, send the head,I don’t put R,EDG’s double C is really pitiful.

  -Scout is hugged.

  - Fortunately, EDG did not follow the final,Otherwise, the final will look at these two mountains.Really vomit.

  - If it is not two Korean aid,EDG did not play this lineup.

  -Viper also remembered the fear of SWORD.

  Xiao Ming really god cattle.

  Human Horse is so difficult?I feel that only the EDG is not open.

  - Even the last wave of fighting holy guns are still funny.


  Spring Tiger Emperor is not covered.

  - Xiao Ming is too touched,Thank you for your holy gun’s carry.Also give him a hug.

  - Summer race this junjia.

  - Saint brothers still expect?Almost levels with the wolf line,Just being blown out.

  -EDG entered the final,The storm brother will also be tapped by Nuguri.


  -Rng will not finalize it?

  -EDG’s 5000W lineup fell.

  - Why do every way to go to the EDG beat more?

  -jiejie is ignored because it is too bad.

  -EDG thinks they only bought VIPER,I didn’t expect SWORD.

  ThenFor these foregoing LMS netizens,What do you want to say?

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