[Shovel Knight Showdown]Shovel Knight: Showdown


  The new Showdown DLC for Shovel Knight pits heroes against heroes, adding a new multiplayer rumble to the charming platformer.

  You’ll start with just a handful of characters, but it’s possible to unlock lots more fighters by completing objectives. Some of these objectives are revealed in the ‘Unlockables’ menu, but others are totally secret — and even more don’t even tell you what you’re about to unlock!

  To make life easier, here’s a full list of all the extra characters you can unlock in the Showdown DLC. Not every character unlocks someone when you complete their story — Shovel Knight himself won’t earn you any special characters. I’ll also explain how to get special ‘skins’ that change the look of certain characters in the list below.

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  Some characters must be unlocked before they’re available on the select screen. To unlock every character in the game, follow the instructions below.

  Shield Knight Unlockable CharactersThe Enchantress: Clear Story Mode with Shield Knight.

  Propeller Knight Unlockable CharactersTinker Knight: Clear Story Mode with Propeller Knight.Mole Knight: Clear Story Mode with Tinker Knight.Treasure Knight: Clear Story Mode with Mole Knight.

  Plague Knight Unlockable CharactersMona: Clear Story Mode with Plague Knight.Liquid Samurai: Clear Story Mode with Mona.

  Specter Knight Unlockable CharactersPhantom Striker: Clear Story Mode with Specter Knight.Dark Reize: Clear Story Mode with Phantom Striker.Reize: Clear Story Mode with Dark Reize.

  Secret Unlockable CharactersBaz: Clear Story Mode without using Continues.Mr. Hat: Clear Story Mode with Baz.Goldarmor: Clear Story Mode with Mr. Hat.

  Secret Character CostumesDonovan: [Specter Knight Costume] Hold up on the d-pad in the stage Tower of Fate: Spires for 10 seconds. Dragonarmor: [Goldarmor Costume] Clear Story Mode with Goldarmor.

  Source: [u/KYZ123]

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