[best dark souls]Elden Ring: The 9 Best Twitter Reactions To The New Trailer

  After the Elden Ring’s latest gameplay trailer, Twitter users are posting artworks, screenshots, and memes to share their hype and excitement.

  By Harry Mourtzanakis

  Published Jun 14, 2021


  A tweet showing the fans excitement of Elden Ring and another of the Elden Ring logo

  Elden Ring just dropped a breathtaking trailer that included everything the fans could ask for. From actual gameplay, boss fights to unique picturesque images and story lore, Elden Ring manages to build a lot of hype. And on top of that, it also has a release date: 21st January 2022. If that is still not enough, it is being released on XBOX, Ps4, Ps5, and PC on the same day.

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  Coming sooner than anyone expected, and showcasing a significant amount of features and details, Twitter users have come up with some amazing artworks, screenshots,?as well as memes in order to show their hype.


  THE BEST THING ABOUT @ELDENRING IS VASEBOY, worthy of fanart.@VaatiVidya back me up on this#eldenring #fromsoftware #darksouls pic.twitter.com/B1gNDsc8W6

  — Thiago Lehmann (2Minds) (@lehmannthiago) June 10, 2021

  One of the most hyped enemies shown in the trailer is the vase monster. Although it is not revealed how it will work, a popular theory is that it will be common to the fake chest in the Dark Souls games. The tweet shows some amazing fanart of the so-called ‘vaseboy.’ Definitely less scary than the one in the trailer, but a very unique take on this enemy.

  I love them already#ELDENRING #IGNSummerOfGaming pic.twitter.com/XbCIIQ23CN

  — Tori (@SoTypicallyTori) June 11, 2021

  Twitter just can’t get enough of the new Vase enemy, and the memes are coming in hot. It is an unspoken rule between experienced players in the Dark Souls series to always roll on vases in the background in order to find hidden items or even secret passages (which is what @SoTypicallyTori is joking about the destruction of them).

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  In Elden Ring, players should think twice before rolling since an enemy could easily be hiding among the vases. In Elden Ring, no place is safe, not even the vases.


  Heck yeah, peak enemy design.#ELDENRING #DarkSouls pic.twitter.com/bsmhWq1we6

  — Dragonith (@EXDragonith) June 11, 2021

  One of the best memes on Twitter comes from @EXDragonith account, who jokes about?Dark Souls’ mimic chest looking at the new vase enemy as its successor. In Dark Souls, mimic chests were hidden among real chests, thus making players think twice before rushing and opening a chest. They would have to hit it first to see if it’s a fake one.

  Although fans don’t know if Elden Ring will keep the mimic chests or not, in any case, the vase monster seems like the successor of the mimic, ready to create frustration among players who roll on vases without checking first.

  This game is fantastic, I can’t believe how much better it looks than the things I had seen.#ELDENRING pic.twitter.com/RyBJMdpdSD

  — Abyss-one (@antyherowow) June 10, 2021

  Elden Ring showcased a huge open-world environment with beautiful details and fans replicated that artwork as soon and as accurately as possible. From the?surprising new mechanic of horse riding, the challenging boss fights to the picturesque wildlands in the sunset, the numerous images selected by @antyherowow capture all the magic of the trailer with unique accuracy and precision.


  new penetrator in elden ring looks good#ELDENRING pic.twitter.com/XzxRaOMNPT

  — znnav (@znnavigator) June 10, 2021

  The Valkyrie character is, by far, one of the most unique characters in the trailer, and the artworks for her are simply out of this world.

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  This image @znnavigator has chosen is probably a follow-up after her scene in the trailer. After killing the soldier, she takes a moment to breathe in her dark cave, which has a background that is similar to the bright ethereal tree shown throughout the trailer. The only difference is that it now looks darker and almost hollow.

  let’s go tarnished one? #EldenRing pic.twitter.com/excyl8CP3z

  — peach (@voidpeaches) June 11, 2021

  If the Valkyrie lady was the first thing that fans got excited about then horse riding has to be the second. Elden Ring is the first of all the Soul series games to feature horse riding and mounted combat. The GIF @voidpeaches has chosen manages to capture both amazing aspects at the same time through a Valkyrie that is riding her horse, while cheering for the player. With even her eyes smiling, she seems as happy and excited as everyone else for Elden Ring.


  well.. pic.twitter.com/qPMehVsU5G

  — Vale (@Vales_arts) June 10, 2021

  Lady Dimitrescu, the villain from the latest resident evil game, was significantly well-received by fans. However, it seems like there’s a new sheriff in town with Elden Ring’s Valkyrie. Fans are?called to choose between the two exceptionally tall and fearsome ladies. However, despite what the tweet showcases, there does not seem to be a clear winner between the fans, with opinions favoring either side.


  tall lady….. horse…. i have everything i need…. pic.twitter.com/7Mp8J5n02m

  — beware of horse (@_7albi) June 11, 2021

  Fans are most thankful for two features from the trailer: the Valkyrie-like lady and horse riding. Both together set great foundations for Elden Ring to become an awesome game. This art features the player in a moment of appreciation of the Valkyrie and horse riding. It resembles most of the fans who are excited about these features and are generally hyped about the game. It sums up perfectly the justified hype for Elden Ring.


  Me explaining to my wife why the holiday we planned for Jan should be rescheduled #ELDENRING pic.twitter.com/3qKtwgFKTG

  — Skill Up (@SkillUpYT) June 11, 2021

  The art that @SkillUpYT has chosen sums up all fans’ behavior on January 21st, 2022.? A thorough explanation of why canceling plans and taking a few days off everything else will be necessary in order to enjoy the game on day 1 of its’ release. Elden Ring’s trailer has set the bar exceptionally high for the game and Twitter makes it obvious that the fans are having a hard time containing their hype.

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  Feature image with artwork from XBC2 and the Smash renders for Pyra and Mythra.


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