[Life Is Strange 2]Life Is Strange Creator Has 5 Games Coming Between 2022 & 2025

  Life is Strange creator Dontnod Entertainment announced that it has begun early work on five games that will launch between 2022 and 2025.

  By Brianna Reeves

  Published Apr 01, 2021


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  At the end of a 2020 business review, Life is Strange creator Dontnod Entertainment revealed that early work has begun on five new?projects, each?of which will launch between 2022 and 2025. Dontnod launched its debut game?in 2013 with the oft-forgotten, and ironically titled, Remember Me. The studio made its mark a couple of years later with the release of the award-winning Life is Strange, an episodic adventure title that will soon receive a remaster.

  Since the time-warping adventure?stole the hearts of millions several years ago, Dontnod has time and again focused its efforts elsewhere. 2018 saw the French studio partner with publisher Focus Home Interactive for Vampyr, a gem of an action-RPG that sold appreciably with one million copies sold in less than a year. A prequel episode for?Life is Strange 2?followed soon thereafter, which itself was followed by a proper Life is Strange sequel. Dontnod and Life is Strange publisher Square Enix have since parted ways, though, as the former shifts towards a self-publishing venture that began with last year’s Twin Mirror. With multiple games in production, the group seems interested in?drastically increasing output.

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  In a 2020 business review, Dontnod Entertainment?made note of five self-published projects that currently sit in the “design/pre-production” stage of development. The company plans to deploy each one between 2022 and 2025, according to the press release. Dontnod additionally reaffirmed its relationship with Vampyr publisher Focus Home Interactive. This collaboration also has the studio’s hands full with a “new co-production” that’s still in development, though specifics such as a title, release window, and production timeline remain under lock and key.


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  Given Dontnod’s versatility, there’s no way of guessing what the company may have up its sleeve next. There could be more adventure titles in the vein of Life is Strange coming down the pipeline, of course. But the studio may also want to further explore action-RPGs.

  In pursuit of additional?Life is Strange stories, publisher Square Enix passed the baton to LiS: Before the Storm developer Deck Nine Games. The team is presently?working on LiS: True Colors, a new, non-episodic project that hits?consoles, Google Stadia, and PC later this year on September 10. Meanwhile, this fall will see Square Enix release the franchise’s?Remastered Collection, which packs in the first game and Before the Storm.


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  Source: Dontnod Entertainment


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