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  There’s a new kid on the block for Android users; an app called HappyMod allows you to download as many modded Android app and game APK files as you want. At the moment, the app has more than 30,000 mods, and every day new ones get added.

  The best bit, It’s totally free. Want to know more?

  The nature of this app dictates that it won’t be in the Android app store, but you can download the APK directly to your tablet or smartphone.

  Here’s how

  Open Settings and head to SecurityTap on the slide beside Unknown Sources to enable it – if you skip this step, HappyMod won’t workNow you can download the HappyMod APK onto your device – just tap the link aboveIgnore the security prompt that pops up and tap on OKGo to Downloads on your device and tap the .apk file – the app will install on your device, and the icon appears on your home page

  That’s how easy it is

  Note: HappyMod does not develop any of these mods; they get them from the internet and put them all in one easy place for access. You can even request a mod just by using the comments section below.

  HappyMod is set up to look much like a simple app marketplace. It’s easy to use because the developers categorized all the apps, tools, games, everything, so you can easily find what you want. And when you chose an app or game, just tap it, and it will download. You can also see all the latest additions to the store at a glance in a separate window. If you request a mod, when you get notified it has been added, check that window.

  Sound good?

  We’re not done yet

  Clash of ClansClash RoyaleCritical OpsBrawl StarsMinecraft

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  Although HappyMod was brought to us by a group of developers, it is a community-driven app:

  Anyone can upload a mod to the appMod users comment on the downloads to let us know which ones are the best – those go to the top of the list so users now they are getting a working appEvery mod is tested and put through a virus scanner before going into the store – if it fails, it doesn’t go in

  Wait, there’s more

  Happy Mod offers users tons of cool features:

  Up To Date Game Mods – loads of tweaked games including GTA, Minecraft, Clash of Clans, and many moreSafe and Fast – every mod is manually tested and put through a virus scan – if it fails, it doesn’t go into the app. Everything you download is safe and fastMultiple Languages Supported – languages include English, traditional and simplified Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Indonesian, Romanian, Spanish, German, French, Thai, Italian and VietnameseStop and Start Downloads – pause and resume your APK downloads at your convenience

  It doesn’t get better than this

  Still, got questions?

  Then we’ve got the answers

  What is HappyMod? How Does it All Work?

  Happy Mod is an unofficial app store, containing 30,000+ safe, working Android mods. Driven by an active community, anyone can upload a mod, and millions of users will test them, commenting on each one. The developers use the comments to work out which mods work the best and move them to the top of the list for users to choose from.

  Why Should I Use HappyMod?

  Because it offers you everything, the official Android store doesn’t. Not only do you get to download modified apps and games, for free, you also get the fastest download speeds, safe downloads, and the ability to ask for a specific app or game mod – once your request has been filled, you’ll get notified. Happy Mod also has one of the largest, most active communities, filled with people willing to help you and to provide the mods for you to try,

  How Safe Is It?

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  Completely safe. Before any mod is uploaded to the store, it is tested for viruses, malware, and anything else that has the potential to harm your device. If it fails the test, it won’t go to the store, and it’s as simple as that. You can download any mod you want, knowing it is 100% safe to use.

  Isn’t HappyMod Itself a Virus?

  No, it isn’t. The app is constantly monitored for problems, and, if any arise, they are fixed straight away. Neither Happy Mod nor any mod in it can harm your device or any of your data.

  Nearly there

  Can I Help to Make HappyMod Better?

  Yes, you can. The developers want to be sure that every mod works but, given there are so many of them, they cannot run them all. You get to try whichever mods you want and then comment on whether they work or not – don’t worry, they are all safe to use. Those that work are pushed to the top of the list so you can see at a glance which are the best mods to use.

  Your turn

  Can’t Find your Mod?

  Although there are thousands of mods already in HappyMod, if you are looking for something specific that isn’t there, just let us know using the comments section below – we’ll let you know as soon as we’ve added it.

  Don’t miss out

  This is a golden opportunity for you to get involved and download as many modded Android APK files as you want. Give it a go and let us know what you think of HappyMod.

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