[Castlevania]Additional Castlevania Advance Collection Rating Appears Online

  The Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea rates ‘Castlevania Advance Collection’ for PC, giving credence to a leak from Australia.

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  Fans of the Castlevania series have seen a bountiful amount of?content in recent years. The animated series is doing quite well, with the fourth season of the show just released?and a spin-off focused on Richter Belmont?in production. However, more ports of games from the bloodline of the?franchise are potentially on the table, with a second leak pointing to the imminent arrival of Castlevania Advance Collection.

  A first leak came from the Australia Classification Board, with the rating being for a multi-platform release published by Konami. This leak lit up hopes for fans of the Castlevania games on the Game Boy Advance. The potential titles being ported include?Circle of the Moon, Harmony of Dissonance, and Aria of Sorrow. This second leak comes from the?Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea (GRAC), seeming to corroborate the title’s existence.


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  The ratings have some inconsistencies, such as different age rating labels given to this?game, but the Korean rating also points to the collection being multiplatform. The current rating?given by the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea?claims this Castlevania collection?is set for a PC release being handled by H2 Interactive. This publisher has been responsible for the PC Ports of various Japanese games?including the?River City?and the Blazblue series.

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  With these two ratings, there is a high possibility these critically acclaimed Castlevania games will be ported. This rumored compilation would?be the second?Castlevania collection to released on modern consoles,?following the Castlevania Anniversary Collection. If this Advance Collection does come to pass, it would help not only expand the series’ library, but also allow for more fans to be able to easily play these games following their original release.


  The Game Boy Advance titles have fans, as they’ve been looked upon fondly by players and critics alike for their innovative additions to the formula and re-interpretations of the genre.?With Konami’s other recent output including?a brand-new IP called Crimesight, this collection should whet the appetite of the fans who have been?missing the feeling of playing the GBA trilogy. It would offer an experience that can be compared to other Castlevania games currently available to play, and show fans how the series evolved under its original producer Koji Igarashi before he left the company.

  The Castlevania Advance Collection is rumored to be in development for PC and consoles.


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  Source: GRAC Korea


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