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If you’re lucky enough to find someone who shares your love of gaming, it only makes sense to sit down and game together to pass the time.

By Madeline Carpou

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Gaming is one of those variable hobbies that can be just as fun when done with others as it is to do alone.?Of course, this also extends to couples – gaming with?a partner is one of the best ways to pass the time!

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Part of the fun is getting to experience a game with a loved one, and part of it is the potential for riffing?when the game gets ridiculous. From getting nasty in a co-op game, to playing the part of the Backseat Gamer every once in a while, playing with a partner is an experience that can’t be beaten.


Split image depicting Pok└mon Red and Pok└mon Blue

The joy of?Pokemon is the fact that each experience is unique. With so many ‘mons to choose from, there are endless possibilities for each playthrough – and that makes it especially fun to share and compare with?a partner!

Playing?Pokemon?side by side is a blast, not even for the competitive aspect (although crushing?a partner with a Jolteon is certainly satisfying). It’s always interesting to see how they approach their?Pokemon journey, and in any case, it’s vicariously fun to watch them catch new, adorable little critters.

Stardew Valley House with Logo

Ever since developer Concerned Ape added co-op play,?Stardew Valley has been a staple for couples who game. With a charming world to explore and endless opportunities to grow and expand their farm, couples are able to enjoy their bucolic dreams together through?Stardew.

Conversely, couples can enjoy a touch of chaos while they’re at it, gifting their partners wood (and only wood), competing to make the most money per crop plot, and squabbling over who’s the best wife: Penny or Leah. Obviously, the easy answer is to just marry each other, but where’s the fun in that?


geralt the witcher 3 smoky background

While couples can’t play this game together per se, it’s certainly a fun experience to watch – provided their partner doesn’t stop to play Gwent all the time.?The Witcher 3?is an engaging experience for players and observers alike, with a fair balance between showing and telling.

Plus, the roleplaying aspect of the game?provides a fun opportunity for the Backseater to get involved. When in doubt, they can be consulted to make the toughest decisions, from choosing whether or not?to free the Tree Spirit, to deciding whether Yennefer or Triss is better for Geralt.

The fun in playing?Shadow of the Colossus?together is in the absolute dramatics of it all. There is endless potential for shouting, yelping, and hollering as Wander dives, jumps, and flings his way to the top. And while this may sound counterintuitive in a game that is supposed to be philosophical and intense…well, isn’t it fun to subvert expectations?

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On top of this, figuring out how to solve a Colossus fight is engaging and highly satisfying, with couples brainstorming and poring over the map to find all the stamina lizards. In a land as lonesome as the Forbidden Land, it helps to have a boyfriend around to help.


Spore gameplay

Remember?Spore? Childhood was all the richer because of this strange little game, and chances are, a partner who games is a partner who grew up making creatures?of their own. This makes?Spore one of the best games to play with a partner, not just for the nostalgia factor, but for the chance to become Frankenstein.

There is so much potential for collaborative fun within this game: create weird little creatures, then create impressive creatures; make them explore and conquer; then take them all the way into the center of the universe. It’s just an endlessly entertaining experience, as well as an exercise in collaboration!

Baldur's Gate 3 Druid Cover

Although this game isn’t fully released yet, it still holds up as a fun and engaging experience.?Baldur’s Gate 3 harkens back to the good old days of?Dragon Age: Origins, when fantasy RPGs felt expansive and fresh and well-written. More than that,?BG3?offers a co-op mode – twice the chaos for twice the fun!

This is an especially good choice if?the player’s partner plays DnD, since it takes place within Faerun and works off of DnD mechanics. It’s a campaign without having to organize and strategize as much as normally; all a couple has to do is design their characters and get right to it!


Several Pok└mon on the cover for the new Pok└mon Snap

If playing a mainline?Pokemon?game is entertaining for the differences in adventures, playing?New Pokemon Snap with?someone else is fun in a much more direct way. Players can explore different routes back and forth, as well as share their glee over seeing their favorite ‘mons out in the open.

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There’s also some fun in comparing photos and helping each other fulfill some of the trickier requests, such as the “Magikarp swoop” or the Minior lineup. It also helps that this game is fairly relaxing, which allows for some pretty cozy cuddling sessions.

A hand points at an owl with the word Drawful on top

While this leans more towards the “party game” side,?that doesn’t mitigate its potential for?fun – especially since it’s an excuse to play with a partner’s family and get to know them.

Once the scary part of getting to know a partner’s family has passed, it can be incredibly fun and sweet to play a round of?Drawful?with them, not only to enjoy each others’ humor but to genuinely bond with one another. That’ll only make?someone’s connection with?a partner stronger in the long run – especially if?they can draw better than them!

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