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﹛﹛Claire Everly is one of the most popular cops in GTA RP NoPixel, and she has had plenty of interesting moments while in the line of duty.

﹛﹛The rapidly increasing popularity of GTA RP is complimented by its cast of colorful characters. From raging lunatics to criminal masterminds, the characters, roleplayed by popular streamers, have made it what it is today. The most popular RP server, NoPixel, has the most beloved characters on it.

﹛﹛One of these is Claire Everly, a female deputy with an extensive backstory, mostly known for being an empathetic person who treats even the most hardened criminals with kindness.


﹛﹛Claire Everly is a cop played by Twitch streamer LunaOni, who streams a lot of games apart from GTA RP and has over 72k followers. She is probably best known for her portrayal of Claire on the GTA RP NoPixel server.

﹛﹛Claire has one of the most detailed backstories in GTA RP. She was born in Liberty City and raised by adoptive parents. Her father was an LCPD detective, and after her parents were killed by a serial killer, Claire joined the police force herself. Soon, she found herself getting caught in between violent gang wars. She was soon promoted to detective, like her father, and she started doing what she always wanted to do.

﹛﹛The biggest investigation of her career began when the mutilated body of a sex worker was found dumped outside a church. She chose to name him “Sanctuary Killer” during the investigation. This killer proved to be extremely dangerous, as Claire was kidnapped and battling for life after being tortured and poisoned. While she was conducting the investigation, the killer followed her around Liberty City in a yellow cab and sent her flowers. Claire developed a fear of these things and had to attend therapy.

﹛﹛After the traumatic incident, Claire began life anew as a state trooper and honed her driving skills while catching speeders and illegal racers. She also worked undercover and instructed new cadets as an FTO. Finally, she decided to move to Los Santos and reconnect with her sisters.

﹛﹛Claire Everly is one of the nicest cops in GTA RP and is known as a friendly and empathetic person. Her polite demeanor with everyone often makes her play a good cop role. This was crucial in her undercover work, as she made gangsters open up to her with important details.

﹛﹛She sometimes gets socially awkward, as she was a bit of a nerd while growing up, missing out on social cues and pop culture references. However, she also has an aggressive side that she keeps hidden. She might even come across as a narcissist, such as when she asked Yuno Sykk (played by Sykkuno) to call her the best Claire in Los Santos. This was meant to compare herself with Claire Seducer, a character played by GTA RP streamer bananabrea.

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﹛﹛Claire adopted the middle name Jessica in honor of her late adoptive father Jesse Everly. She is married to fellow deputy Mina Price (played by Kari) and has a few sisters, one of whom is Brittany Angel, a character role-played by KylieBitkin.

﹛﹛Her relationship with Yuno is very popular among fans of GTA RP. She has a soft corner for him and treats him like a brother, even letting him go when caught in minor crimes. Yuno often tries to take advantage of this loyalty, much to the dismay of Claire.

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